Images of the Week (Lewis Hine)

This week’s post features the documentary photography of Lewis Hine.


Local Identifier:  102-LH-523, “Some doffer boys. Macon, Ga., 01/1909”, Photograph by Lewis Hine


Local Identifier: 102-LH-136, “Young Driver in Mine. Has been driving one year. 7 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. daily [at] Brown Mine, Brown W. Va. [West Virginia]”, Photograph by Lewis Hine


Local Identifier: 102-LH-2546, “Merilda, carrying cranberries. Rochester, Mass., 09/13/1911”, Photograph by Lewis Hine


Local Identifier: 142-H-196, “Skilled and unskilled laborers taking the TVA examination at the high school building, Clinton, Tennessee”, 11/25/1933, Photograph by Lewis Hine


Local Identifier: 69-RH-1K-3 / Vendor # 38, “In the Mill”, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1909, Photograph by Lewis Hine


Local Identifier: 69-RH-4L-2 / Vendor #36, “Power house mechanic working on steam pump”, 1920, Photograph by Lewis Hine


Local Identifier: 69-RH-4K-1 / American City# 79 / Vendor #39, “Old-timer, keeping up with the boys. Many structural workers are above middle-ages. Empire State [Building]”, New York City, New York, 1930, Photograph by Lewis Hine


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2 Responses to Images of the Week (Lewis Hine)

  1. cecilia says:

    These images are some of my favorite images from our holdings. I feel honored to have been able to make prints and scans from some of these photographs, both in anlogue and digital form.
    Aside from their historic and social importance, photographically, they are beautifully done.


  2. Carrie Goeringer says:

    I agree Cecilia. It is always enjoyable to gaze upon them, thanks Billy!


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