127-GR-14-88-74085: Knee Deep in Guadalcanal. Four Marines wade up the main street of their camp area on Guadalcanal, while a fifth (first tent on the left) bails out his foxhole. There were times it was easier to row than walk and this was one of them. Guadalcanal has two seasons, the rainy, between November and May, and the wet. The only difference is that during the wet season there are no floods. Or as the natives put it when the rainy season comes: “White men leave the island, and natives die.” American Marines, soldiers and sailors couldn’t leave the island and when the rainy season reached its peak recently they were amazed at the vast quantities of water that poured constantly from the clouds. As much as eight inches of rain fell in 24 hours and rivers rose as high as seven feet above normal in two hours. Practically everything was under water and most forms of transportation was by boat.

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