Images of the Week: Washington, DC Roads

This week I’m posting photographs from the Bureau of Public Roads and its successor the Federal Highway Administration.  These images relate to the Washington, D.C. area and are just a few examples of what can be found in the series Historical Photograph Files, 1896-1963 (30-N) and General Photograph Files, 1954-1984 (406-G), which both contain photos of urban and rural areas throughout the United States and in some cases foreign countries.

Local Identifier: 30-N-36721 (Box 290), Construction of the Cabin John Bridge over Cabin John Creek, originally known as the Washington Aqueduct Bridge No. 4, Maryland. July, 1859.

Local Identifier: 30-N-21003 (Box 285), East Entrance of “Zoo Park”, Washington, D.C. 1919. Photograph by J. K. Hillers.

Local Identifier: 30-N-35-2136 (Box 285), Pennsylvania Avenue from Treasury, Washington, D.C. 1935. Photo by J.K. Hillers.

Local Identifier: 406-G-134-64-495, Ceremony opening the final link of the Capital Beltway around Washington, D.C. with Federal Highway Administrator Whitton and Maryland Governor Tawes cutting the ribbon, and John B. Funk, Chairman of the Maryland State Highway Commission assisting, Maryland. August 17, 1964.

Local Identifier: 406-G-61-65-77, U.S. Route 1 North of College Park, Maryland. 1965.

3 thoughts on “Images of the Week: Washington, DC Roads

  1. Very nice post Billy, thanks. Route 1 is not so different. I would have recognized it except for the volume of traffic, oh the traffic!

  2. Great photos – Interesting to see the blimp in the Penn Ave image, 1935. Any ideas on what airship it was and why it might be in photo?
    Thanks! Keep posting these wonderful images.

    1. Thank you. I’m not sure which airship it is or why it’s there. After zooming in and making some adjustments, it appears to say Goodyear on the side.

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