Images of the Week: USIA Paper Shows

This week I’m posting several examples of posters from the series Paper Show Exhibition Poster Sets, ca. 1974 – ca. 1994 (306-PSP). These posters were created by the United States Information Agency for exhibits they referred to as “Paper Shows”, which were pieced together using multiple posters to create a multi-panel display. The entire series was recently digitized by our Digital Imaging Lab, with the majority of the exhibit panels only being available for viewing in the Still Picture Research Room at Archives II in College Park, MD due to possible copyright or other intellectual property restrictions. Click on each image below to view higher resolution versions.

Local Identifier: 306-PSP-4-1, “The Long Search for Peace” Paper Show (Panel 1), 1983

Local Identifier: 306-PSP-3A-1, “The Changing Nature of Work” Paper Show (Panel 1), 1983

Local Identifier: 306-PSP-2A-2, “The American West” Paper Show (Panel 2A), 1980

Local Identifier: 306-PSP-23a-1, Paper Show “Rock USA” (Panel 1), 1988

Local Identifier: 306-PSP-25-1A, “Congress: 200 Years Old” Paper Show (Panel 1A), 1989

Local Identifier: 306-PSP-37-3B, “A Nation of Immigrants” Paper Show (Panel 3B) – Ellis Island, 1992

Local identifier: 306-PSP-40-46, “Thomas Jefferson” Paper Show (Panel 46) – National Archives Rotunda,  1993