Images of the Week: The Wild West

The theme this week is the Wild West.

Local Identifier: 406-NSB-011-Billykid.jpg, “Billy the Kid”

American West# 82 / Local Identifier: 111-SC-94129, “Dodge City [Kans.] Peace Commissioners.. L to R: Chas. Bassett, W. H. Harris, Wyatt Earp, Luke Short, L. McLean, Bat Masterson, Neal Brown.” By Camillus S. Fly, ca. 1890

American West# 155 / Local Identifier: 165-FF-2F-15, “Deadwood in 1876”, photograph by S. J. Morrow.

American West# 84 / Local Identifier 111-SC-93343, “Judge Roy Bean, the `Law West of the Pecos,’ holding court at the old town of Langtry, Texas in 1900, trying a horse thief. This building was courthouse and saloon. No other peace officers in the locality at that time.”

American West# 185 / Local Identifier: 111-SC-93344. “Orient Saloon at Bisbee, Arizona..Faro game in full blast. Recognized: Left to right-Tony Downs (standing with derby) part owner; Doyle, a concert hall singer at corner of table, sitting, with derby; back of him standing is Dutch Kid; Sleepy Dick, the porter, to right with light felt; Charlie Bassett, with soft felt hat in rear next to wall; dealer is Johnny Murphy, and Smiley Lewis in silk hat.” By C. 5. Fly, ca. 1900.