Images of the Week: Photographs of Photographers

The theme this week is Photographs of Photographers.

Local Identifier: 111-B-1074,  “Mathew B. Brady”

Local Identifier: 174-G-22-4, “Lewis W. Hine”

Local Identifier: 80-G-324556, “Capt. Edward J. Steichen, USNR, (retired), photographic expert, on island platform, studies his surroundings for one of his outstanding photographs of life aboard an aircraft carrier. Capt. Steichen held rank of Comdr. at this time., ca. 11/1943”

Local Identifier: 64-MISC-1-5, “Visit to the National Archives by the famous American photographer, Ansel Adams, to look at some of his work in the Still Picture Branch, September 10, 1979”