Images of the Week: Polar Expeditions

The images this week relate to the polar regions.

Local Identifer: 401-XPS-17-11, Photographs of the Robert Peary Sledge Party Posing with Flags at the North Pole. Ooqueh, holding the Navy League flag; Ootah, holding the D.K.E. fraternity flag; Matthew Henson, holding the polar flag; Egingwah, holding the D.A.R. peace flag; and Seeglo, holding the Red Cross flag. April 7, 1909

Local Identifer: 306-NT-547C-15, “Henry T. Harrison, Aerologist with the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, who grabbed the line when the outer edge of the great barrier collapsed and saved himself from a dip in the Antarctic sea, being hauled to safety by his shipmates on top of the barrier, 1929”

Local Identifier: 306-NT-547A-86438, Photograph of Admiral Richard Byrd preparing for his fourth Antarctic expedition (Operation Highjump), 1946

Local Identifier: 330-CFD-DN-ST-86-01645, “A view of the entrance to the station taken during the 30th anniversary of Operation Deep Freeze, 11/01/1985”

Local Identifier: 330-CFD-DN-SD-04-12654, “A port side view of the US Navy (USN) Los Angeles Class: Attack Submarine USS Honolulu (SSN 178), after the ship surfaced in the Arctic Circle, 280-miles from the North Pole. SSN 718 is collecting scientific data and water samples for US and Canadian Universities as part of an agreement with the Arctic Submarine Laboratory (ASL) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), 10/01/2003”