Images of the Week: Presidential Portraits

The theme this week is U.S. Presidents.

Local Identifier: 148-GW-426, “George Washington. Copy of painting by Gilbert Stuart”

Local Identifier: 148-GW-910C / Presidents List 17, “Thomas Jefferson. Copy of painting by Thomas Sully”

Local Identifier: 111-SC-94193, “Andrew Jackson”

Local Identifier: 111-SC-3656 / Civil War# 188, “Abraham Lincoln”

Local Identifier: DM-REECE-M5-1, “Theodore Roosevelt”

Local Identifier: 111-SC-4984, “Woodrow Wilson”

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One Response to Images of the Week: Presidential Portraits

  1. NewsJReview says:

    Certainly the courage of George Washington, the first President of the United States is head and shoulders above all the Presidents. General Washington, with a bounty on his head, lead the troops, against the most powerful army at the time, the British “Redcoats.” Thomas Jefferson, authored and co-authored many of the documents that guide our country today, the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution…some of the words, albeit spoke in future tense, what many hoped would be achieved. Andrew “Long Knives” Jackson, as known by, indigenous Americans, enough said. Abraham Lincoln, savior of the Union, emancipator of enslaved American’s and, Architect of the east-west continental railroad, and the greatest continental economic boom in world. Theodore Roosevelt, was the nation’s first Environmentalist President. Woodrow Wilson, PhD in political Science and father of modern Public Administration.


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