Images of the Week: Geological Surveys

The theme this week is Geological Surveys.

Local Identifier: 57-PS-431A, Photograph of the Grand Canyon Looking East from the Foot of Toroweap, Photograph by John K. Hillers (Powell Survey)

Local Identifier: 57-HS-188, “Old Faithful in eruption, Yellowstone, 1872”, Photograph by William H. Jackson (Hayden Survey)

Local Identifier: 57-HS-82, “The lower falls of Yellowstone, 1871”, Photograph by William H. Jackson (Hayden Survey)

Local Identifier: 77-KN-137, “Shoshone Falls, Idaho, ca. 1868”, Photograph by Timothy O’Sullivan (King Survey)

Local Identifier: 57-GH-PRIND-477, Photograph of Dock in Dawson City, Yukon, June 13, 1906, Geologist L.M. Prindle

Local Identifier: 57-GH-WOOLL-1-19A, “Party at camp about 3 miles below Green River, Wyoming, July 13, 1922”, Photograph by Hydraulic Engineer Ralf R. Woolley (Taken during the USGS survey of the Green River from July through September, 1922)

Local Identifier: 57-GH-LEE-2295, “Washington, D.C., View of Great Falls of Potomac River from Virginia side, April 1922”, Photograph by Geologist Willis T. Lee