This Week in Universal News: Spraying DDT to Prevent Polio, 1946

In 1955, after years of research and testing, the polio vaccine created by Jonas Salk was declared safe and effective. The devastating virus is nearly eradicated in the United States today. In 1946, however, two years before Jonas Salk first began his research, the city of San Antonio, Texas tried to prevent the spread of a polio outbreak by dousing the city with DDT, apparently in a misguided effort to kill insects they believed carried the disease. Most people today know that spraying DDT will not prevent polio, and can actually harm one’s health. Rachel Carson‘s Silent Spring (1962) exposed the hazards of commonly-used pesticides, and the chemical was mostly banned in the early 1970s.

From the release sheet:

City Gets D.D.T. Treatment

San Antonio, Texas–To check the spread of polio, this Lone Star city used up-to-date methods–spraying the entire town with insect-killing D.D.T. Special vehicles, and individuals, help lay down a smoke-screen.

The streets of San Antonio are blanketed with DDT as citizens look on.

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