The Great Archival Cooking Challenge

As you may remember from NARA’s exhibit “What’s Cooking Uncle Sam“, there are records related to food throughout the holdings of the National Archives! As a spring treat, Special Media staff decided to try out some of these historical recipes. We thought about sticking to the recipes in series from the Still Picture Branch – including Photographs of Food Conservation Activities and World War II Posters. But in the end, we couldn’t resist some of the treats described in the holdings of the Presidential Libraries – Nancy Reagan’s recipes from the Samples of White House Handouts, Queen Elizabeth’s Drops Scones from the holdings of the Eisenhower Museum and a recipe we found in Gwendolyn B. King’s Files from the Nixon White House. The food was delicious! Some of the results are pictured below.

Our take on Cucumber Soup, based on Nancy Reagan’s recipe, below
Cold Cucumber Soup, NAID 6731198
Cornbread! We used the 100% corn flour option

4-G-30-24 , NAID 34929592
The real deal! 4-G-30-24 , NAID 34929592
Our attempt at Pat Nixon’s meatloaf – recipe below.
White House Meatloaf Recipe, NAID 6727894
We were surprised to learn that “Drop Scones” were actually more like pancakes. But that made them no less delicious!
Queen Elizabeth’s Drop Scones, NAID 5721363
And for dessert, our take on Nancy Reagan’s Pumpkin Pecan Pie. Yum!
Pumpkin Pecan Pie Recipe, NAID 6731445

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