An Update on Still Picture Catalog Additions

Though our research rooms remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, National Archives staff have been diligently working from home to make records more accessible to the public. In this vein, Still Picture staff have been converting finding aids into online catalog descriptions. Making descriptions searchable via the catalog will ultimately help researchers locate and discover records more easily. Additionally, we’ve been working to upload digital surrogates to our catalog that were scanned prior to the research room closure. Below we have highlighted some of the still picture additions that have been made available. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of additions and we are continuing to add as much as we can to the catalog during this time.

111-SCA: U.S. Army Signal Corps Photographs Of Military Activity During World War II and The Korean Conflict

This series consists of bound photo albums that document American military activities. 111-SCA has not been fully digitized. However, thanks to a previous Still Picture intern, six photo albums relating to D-Day/the Normandy Invasion have been scanned and the captions transcribed. The albums are now available in the NARA catalog. Following are links to each album.

111-SCA, Album number 1298: France – Normandy Invasion: Utah, Omaha, and Other Beaches; Green, Red, and Yellow Beaches; Southern France. To see all images in 111-SCA-1298, click here.

Local Photo ID: 111-SC-190065-S (NAID 176887812). Original Caption: “These German prisoners ‘bide their time’, while waiting to be transported to England from the coast of France. They walk and talk with an air of indifference about them.” Date: June 8, 1944.

111-SCA, Album number 1299: France – Normandy Invasion Beachheads: Omaha and Utah Beaches. To see all images in 111-SCA-1299, click here.

Local Photo ID: 111-SC-190248 (NAID 176887866). Original Caption: “American troops wade through the surf to the Northern Coast of France, part of the ever-increasing number of men bolstering the forces which made the initial landings on the beachheads.” Date: June 12, 1944

111-SCA, Album number 1300: France – Normandy Invasion Beachheads: Omaha and Utah Beaches. To see all images in 111-SCA-1300, click here.

Local Photo ID: 111-SC-191713-S (NAID 176888074). Original Caption: “Corps. A. Johnson, Houston, Texas, assisted by some of his men, walk a balloon over to the winch, somewhere in France.” Date: July 24, 1944. Original Field Number: ETO-HQ-44-8460. Photographer: Gedicks

111-SCA, Album number 1301: France – Normandy Invasion Beachheads: Omaha and Utah Beaches. To see all images in album 111-SCA-1301, click here.

Local Photo ID: 111-SC-255992 (NAID 176888328). Original Caption: “Yank Artillery men pile up 155-mm ammunition, before throwing all they had a the Germans during the 4th of July barrage, Normandy, France.” Date: July 4, 1944.

111-SCA, Album number 1302: France – Normandy Invasion: Omaha and Utah Beaches. To see all images in 111-SCA-1302, click here.

Local Photo ID: 111-SC-293237 (NAID 176888568). Original Caption: “Private Ben Cohen of Brooklyn, New York, writes a letter as he sits on a cot in a ‘super deluxe’ foxhole, dug by U.S. Engineer unit, half-mile from the Normandy beachhead.” Date: ca. July 1944. Photographer: Kenny

111-SCA, Album number 1303: France – Normandy Invasion: Omaha and Utah Beaches. To see all images in 111-SCA-1303, click here.

Local Photo ID: 111-SC-320871 (NAID 176888634). Original Caption: “Artificial respiration is applied by American soldiers on two of their buddies, who reached the north coast of France in a rubber life raft after their landing craft was sunk by enemy action while several hundred yards from shore, near Cherbourg, France.” Date: June 6, 1944. Original Field Number: ETO-HQ-44-5058. Photographer: Weintraub

80-GK: Color Photographs of U.S. Navy Activities

80-GK contains Naval WWII color photography, and includes views of: Navy ships and aircraft; activities of Naval personnel on board ship; award ceremonies and surrenders of enemy forces; training activities; coverage of the major invasions of the war, such as Anzio, Sicily, Normandy, Iwo Jima, and Saipan; prominent Navy personalities; and some Korean War activities.

This series is comprised entirely of slides and transparencies and at this time it has not been systematically digitized. However, staff are currently working on creating metadata for 80-GK, which will be used for a future scanning project. That said, through the course of reference activities, select scans have been made from original 80-GK transparencies. To see 80-GK images that have been added to the catalog, click here.

Local Photo ID: 80-GK-5986 (NAID 148728738). Original Caption: “USS Tranquility (AH-14) landing with survivors of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) at Guam. Nurses and sailors are watching. Note ship’s “nested” lifeboats.” Date: August 8, 1945. [Note: Image has been color corrected]
Local Photo ID: 80-GK-15793 (NAID 176217197). Caption: Women rivet fuselage sections of planes at aircraft plant.

342-C: Color Photographs of U.S. Air Force Activities, Facilities, and Personnel, Domestic and Foreign, ca. 1940 – ca. 1980

The color images in the series document the activities of the U.S. Air Force and predecessor agencies during World War II, the post-war occupations of Germany and Japan, the Korean War, military incidents, the Cold War, and the war in Vietnam. Included are images of aircraft, weapons, combat action, bombings, military operations, fields and installations, tests, organizations, units, and military personnel.

342-C is comprised of transparencies, negatives, and slides. At this time, there has not been a systemic effort to digitize the entire series. However, similar to 80-GK, scans from original 342-C transparencies and negatives have been made through the course of completing reference duties. To see what types of 342-C images have been added to the catalog, click here.

Local Photo ID: 342-C-KE64362 (NAID 176247014). Original Caption: “Williams AFB, Ariz…Returning from a routine training flight are Captains Susan D. Rogers, Connie J. Engel and Mary E. Donahue. The women are among the first ten women pilots in Air Force history.” Date: ca. 1977. Photographer: Johnnie Granado
Local Photo ID: 342-C-KE-64277 (NAID 176247010). Original Caption: “Ubon RTAFB, Thailand…A gunner assigned to the 16th Special Operations Squadron prepares 40mm ammunition for firing during AC-130E flight.” Date: June 19, 1972.


306-DRC: Democratic and Republican National Conventions, 1968

306-DRC includes photographs taken by the United States Information Agency of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami. This series has not been fully digitized, though there are 21 images from this series that have been added to the catalog here.

Local Photo ID: 306-DRC-1-1-3 (NAID 175539563). Caption: Eugene McCarthy Supporters at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Date: August 1968.
Local Photo ID: 306-DRC-2-69-6 (NAID 175539591). Caption: Ronald Regan at the 1968 Republican National Convention. Date:  August 1968.

57-GCL: Historical Lantern Slides Relating to Geological Expeditions

This series consists of lantern slides (including hand colored slides) that primarily document the Grand Canyon Mapping Expedition of 1923, headed by the Geological Survey’s Chief Topographic Engineer, Claude Birdseye. Also documented is a miscellaneous group of earlier expeditions to the Grand Canyon and Canyon De Chelly in Arizona, and the Green and Rio Virgin Rivers in Utah. 57-GCL has been fully digitized and made available in the catalog here.

Local Photo ID: 57-GCL-44 (NAID 178141018). Caption: Measuring Deer Creek below falls. 1923. USGS 54. Hand colored.

35-MOPB: Panoramas of CCC Companies and Camps, 1934 – 1940

35-MOPB consists of panoramas of Civilian Conservation Corps campsites, companies of enrollees, and camp personnel in Colorado and Wyoming. It has been fully digitized and made available here.

Local Photo ID: 35-MOPB-11 (NAID 175739185). Caption: Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 1852, Camp Site at Camp F-24-W. Shoshone National Forest, Cody, Wyoming.

35-MOPD: Composite Photographs of CCC Companies in Colorado and Wyoming, 1939 – 1940

35-MOPD consists of black-and-white composite photographs made by the firm Spencer and Wyckoff of Detroit, MI. Each photograph contains from four to seven images, mostly panoramas, of camps, enrollees, and camp personnel. This series has been fully digitized and made available here.

Local Photo ID: 35-MOPD-10 (NAID 175739211). Caption: Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 3890, Camp G-107-C. Meeker, Colorado.

77-A: Office of the Chief of Engineers – Activities Files Photographs, ca. 1875 – ca. 1912

This series consists of photographs primarily relating to the training of military engineers. The Office of the Chief of Engineers accumulated, created, and maintained these photographs from approximately 1875 to 1912. Some of the subjects predate the creation of this series. 77-AJ, a subseries of 77-A, has been digitized and added to the catalog here. 77-AJ includes 164 oversize glass plate negatives that document maps of coastal defenses, dynamite and mine explosions, engineer drawings, and reconnaissance maps.

Local Photo ID: 77-AJ-6-6 (NAID 175739635). Submarine Mine Explosion.
Local Photo ID: 77-AJ-4-23 (NAID 175739535). Detailed Drawing of Engineering Pontoon.

Scans from Record Group 242: National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized

242-JRP: Photographs taken by Waffen-SS Photographers. This series includes photographs of front-line activities of Waffen-SS units on the Eastern and Western Fronts (including France, the Balkans, Poland and the USSR), as well as images showing training exercises, portraits of individuals and groups, and views of cities, towns and local civilian populations. 72 photographs from 242-JRP have been added to the catalog here.

242-GAP: Photographs taken by Propaganda Units of the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht) and the Waffen-SS. Among the subjects covered in 242-GAP are images documenting the invasion of European countries, their occupation by the Germans, civilian life under German rule; front-line military action, German soldiers in barracks, POWs, military equipment; civilian life in Germany, bomb damage to German cities, German military leaders and officials, political leaders, soldiers decorated with medals. Examples from 242-GAP have been added to the catalog here.

242-HD: Summer Olympic Games, Berlin, August 1936. 242-HD includes photographs of the lighting of the Olympic Torch at Mt. Olympus; the opening ceremonies in Berlin; pre-games training by different teams; athletes in the Olympic Village; various ceremonies, pageants and parades; athletes participating in track and field events, equestrian events, swimming, polo, weightlifting, rowing, bicycle races, soccer, field hockey, basketball and gymnastics; and informal portraits of athletes, crowd scenes. Examples from 242- HD have been added to the catalog here.


Local Photo ID: 242-GAP-218C-1 (NAID 175539513). Original English Caption: “These women are members of the red women’s battalions.” Original German Caption: “Sie sind vom roten Frauen-Battalion.” Date: July 26, 1941.
Local Photo ID: 242-HD-174a-1 (NAID 148728026). Caption: Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany.


There are no known copyright restrictions on the photographs included within this post.

Generally, copies of photographic records held by the National Archives may be published without special permission or additional fees. The National Archives does not grant exclusive or non-exclusive publication privileges. Copies of Federal records, as part of the public domain, are equally available to all. A small percentage of photographs in our holdings are or may be subject to copyright restrictions. The National Archives does not confirm the copyright status of photographs but will provide any information known about said status. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain all necessary clearances. Any use of these items is made at the researcher’s or purchaser’s own risk.Proper credit lines are encouraged in the interest of good documentation. They also help inform the public about government photographic resources that are available.
*Because so many of our requests for information cite credits and captions that appear in published works, the inclusion of a photo number in hard copy and electronic publications is of great assistance to both us and the public.

Examples of preferred credit lines are as follows:

  • National Archives photo no. 80-G-32500
  • Credit National Archives (photo no. 306-NT-186000)
  • Courtesy National Archives, photo no. 26-G-3422
  • National Archives (111-SC-202199)

If using a large number of our images, the National Archives will appreciate receiving copies of publications that contain our photographs. Such copies can be sent to the Still Picture Branch or the Library, National Archives and Records Administration.

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  1. “Local Photo ID: 111-SC-191713-S (NAID 176888074). Original Caption: “Corps. A. Johnson, Houston, Texas, assisted by some of his men, walk a balloon over to the winch, somewhere in France.” Date: July 24, 1944. Original Field Number: ETO-HQ-44-8460. Photographer: Gedicks”

    Even more important these men are members of the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion on Omaha Beach. This was the only African-American unit to land on D-Day. One member of the unit was nominated for the Medal of Honor. More information about this unit can be found in Forgotten: The Untold Story of D-Day’s Black Heroes, At Home and At War by Linda Hervieux

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