African Americans and the War Industry

We know that African Americans served overseas in both Europe and Japan during World War II.  However, there were many African Americans who contributed to the war effort on the home front.  Many worked in war industries and government wartime agencies.  They sold war bonds, conserved goods needed for the war effort, etc.

The Office of War Information (OWI), established by Executive Order 9182 on June 13, 1942, documented the progress of the war effort.  OWI’s Picture Division provide photographs for the OWI’s Bureau of Weekly Press Division.  African American Activities in Industry, Government, and the Armed Forces, 1941-1945 (208-NP) documents African American men, women, and young people participating in all aspects of American life at home and abroad during World War II.  Activities include African American workers in factories, civilian and military governments, shipyards, arsenals, quartermaster depots, aircraft facilities, secretarial offices, etc.  These photographs are unrestricted.