Subject Finding Aid Project (Update)

Hello my fellow Unwritten Recordians, I’m back with an update from the Still Picture Branch regarding progress on the Subject Finding Aid Project!  As of my last post in June, we had one batch of descriptions live in the National Archives Catalog, with a second one on the way.  As of today, the second AND third batches are live, with over 1,000 descriptions!

Below is the list of the Finding Aid tags from batch 2 and 3:

Batch 2: 

Aircraft Army C Types – StillPixFindingAid

Ambulances – StillPixFindingAid

Authors – StillPixFindingAid

Batch 3:

WW2-Personalities-A – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities-B – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities-C – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities-D – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities-E – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities-F – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities-G – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities-H – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities I-M – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities N-R – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities S-W – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Personalities W-Z – StillPixFindingAid

WW2-Misc. Personalities – StillPixFindingAid

We’re excited with the progress being made on this project and are looking forward to getting a fourth and fifth batch uploaded in August/September.  Keep an eye on the blog for more updates regarding our progress!