Camp Hale, Colorado: Training the 10th Mountain Division During World War II

Picture of ski cargo sled.
Mountain Troopers carrying a Ski Cargo Sled (Local ID: 337-TNG-199-1)

Found in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the peaks and valleys that surrounded Camp Hale forged the elite soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division—the Army’s first and only mountain infantry division.

During World War II, the soldiers at Camp Hale trained in mountain warfare techniques including mountain climbing, alpine skiing, cold-weather survival as well as various weapons and ordnance deployment. Here in the Still Picture Branch, we have many photographs related to Camp Hale and the Mountain Troops.

The series 337-TNG: Photographs Related to the 10th Mountain Division Training Activities at Camp Hale, Colorado, 1943–1944 contains images taken by the Mountain and Winter Warfare Board and show the various training activities that took place at Camp Hale, such as maneuvering through rough terrain, firing weapons, and using equipment adapted for mobility.

Moving weapons and supplies over rough terrain (Local ID: 337-TNG-1-2)

Picture of the ski cargo sled.
Mountain Troopers pulling a Ski Cargo Sled (Local ID: 337-TNG-199-2)

More photographs of the Mountain Troops and Camp Hale can also be found in our Army Signal Corps series, 111-SC.

Original Caption: Members of a mountain troop witness springtime in the Rockies at 13,000 feet near the timberline at Camp Hale, Colorado. May 8, 1943. (Local ID: 111-SC-189485. NAID: 100310366)

Original Caption: Cooper Hill Winter Warfare Maneuvers, Camp Hale, Colorado. Men of the 38th Regimental Combat Team start out on oversnow hike. 25 March 1947. (Local ID: 111-SC-296149)

Camp Hale: Then and Now

Left: The snow area of Camp Hale. March 15, 1956. (Local ID: 111-SC-477481)
Right: Top of the Rockies – Mountain Backdrop at Camp Hale Memorial. ca. 1995 – ca. 2013 (Local ID: 406-NSB-135-CampHale4. NAID: 7722422)

Interested in seeing more from the Still Picture Branch’s holdings? Check out the National Archives Catalog for more digitized photographs of Camp Hale.

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  1. An absolutely wonderful post to honor the 10th Mountain Division and the significant contribution during WWII. Excellent job!

  2. Book: “TheWinter Army” by Maurice Isserman, 2019, World War II odyssey of the 10th Mountain Division, America’s elite alpine warriors.
    This one, along with the many other books on the 10th, adds details of these heroes.

  3. Camp Hale was designated by POTUS as a National Monument in October 2022. It is the first monument Biden selected during his administration.

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