Declassified Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings – 1st Quarter

In an effort to provide information on recently declassified motion pictures and sound recordings the Motion Picture, Sound and Video Branch will publish a quarterly list of newly declassified records. The United States Army (USA), United States Air Force (USAF), and the Department of Energy (DOE) have declassified nearly 200 films and sound recordings in the past few years.

Shah Goes to Moscow (Local Identifier 341-IR-38-56/NAID 6040018), dated 1956, is an example of one declassified film. It comes from the U.S. Air Force series “Moving Images Relating to Intelligence Reports, compiled 1964 – 1998, documenting the period 1949 – 1958 (NAID 5964869 / Local Identifier 341-IR) and shows Mohammad Rez? Sh?h Pahlav?, the Shah of Iran, as he prepared to leave on a plane to Russia.



Descriptive information for these records is accessible through the National Archives Catalog by searching for the item number, for example “341-IR-38-56”. You may also search on the Declassification Project Number (NND), if you know one. Searching on the declassification number for Shah Goes to Moscow, “NND 62901”, currently returns four entries that are part of Declassification Project 62901.

A list of declassified textual records is located on the National Declassification Center’s web page. You may also want to visit the NDC blog for more information on declassified records.


As of December 31, 2012 the following records have been declassified.

Motion Pictures:


Local Identifier           Title

111-DTCF-65-12        Devil Hole I

111-DTCF-65-14        Elk Hunt I and II (Part 1 and 2)

111-DTCF-65-4          Magic Sword, 1966

111-DTCF-65-6          Big Tom

111-DTCF-66-1          Devil Hole II

111-DTCF-66-6          Purple Sage; Scarlet Sage

111-DTCF-68-50        Speckled Start

319.6                           Enclosure to Dispatch C-21-60 from MA/Yugoslavia, R-102-60, (ID # 2153844) (W.O. 31777)


Department of Energy

Local Identifier           Title

326.89                         Dogs and Dummies in Shelter, Civil Effects Tests 1954

326.90                         Apple II

326.91                         Weapons Effects Test Grable

326.92                         Project 31.1 Conventional and Special Types of Readiness


Air Force

Local Identifier           Title

341-G-2                      Colom-Bechar: Porte du Ciel

341-IR-38-56              Shah Goes to Moscow (1956)

341-IR-41-58              Soviet Air Capabilities MAR 58

341-IR-42-58              Soviet News Review MAR 58

341-IR-82-49              May Day Parade (5/1/49)

342-AAFCFS-1672    Narco-Synthesis Treatment for Downed Airmen

342-AVA-423             Recovery of the Mayaguez 05/15/75

342-AVR-137             Red Flag Briefing

342-AVR-143             NATO Air Munitions

342-AVR-148             Worldwide Security Police Symposium–The Threat

342-AVR-198             E-3A (AWACS) Orientation

342-AVR-239             Defector:  A Soviet Pilot

342-AVR-240             Defector:  A Chinese Pilot

342-ER-34                  Beginning of a New Era

342-ER-73                  IM 70 Weapons System

342-FR-3A                  Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program:  Manned Aircraft, 1961

342-FR-8                    ARDC Staff Film Report No. 50

342-FR-13                  ARDC Staff Film Report No. 52, SEP 58

342-FR-22                  ARDC Staff Film Report No. 54, November 1958

342-FR-28                  ARDC Staff Film Report No. 55

342-FR-29                  ARDC Staff Film Report No. 56, 1959

342-FR-36                  ARDC Staff Film Report No. 57

342-FR-38                  Air Defense in Operation WEX-VAL

342-FR-58                  ARDC SFR No. 61

342-FR-59                  Intelligence Briefing, Soviet Air/ICBM Threat to the United States, 1959-1963

342-FR-64                  ARDC Staff Film Report No. 62, July 1959

342-FR-117                ARDC Staff Film Report No. 73

342-FR-120                Sino-Soviet Bloc Air Defense

342-FR-134                ARDC Staff Film Report 376, SEP 60

342-FR-138                ARDC Staff Film Report #77, OCT 60

342-FR-146                ARDC Staff Film Report # 79

342-FR-154                ARDC Staff Film Report #80

342-FR-164                ARDC Staff Film Report #82, April 1961

342-FR-169                ARDC Staff Film Report #83, May 1961

342-FR-179                ARDC Staff Film Report #84

342-FR-186                Space Programs – Second Quarter 1961

342-FR-190                AFSC SFR #85

342-FR-319N              Air Reconnaissance in Action South Vietnam 1963

342-FR-385                The F-111 Tactical Fighter

342-FR-755                Combat and Support Activities S.E.A./Air Defense in S.E.A.

342-FR-756                Combat and Support Activities 02/01/67

342-FR-759                Riot Control Munitions

342-FR-768                Electronic Warfare Combat Operations in S.E.A.

342-FR-770                Project Rapid Roger

342-FR-899                AFSC Staff Film Report No. 176

342-FR-1031              Foreign Technology Division Annual Activities 1968

342-FR-1036              Electronic System Division Annual Report 1968

342-FR-1041              S.E.A. Combat Activities 10/01/68

342-GDS-82               Israeli Gun Camera Footage (1967)

342-HO-4                    Southeast Asia TV Briefing-Intelligence Special 24/01/68

342-PS-36-5/52          Friendly Enemy

342-PS-40-5/52          ARS in S.E.A.

342-PS-67-7/52          Aerial Combat Chase Photography

342-PS-91-0/C            Pave Eagle

342-PS-107-7/50        Tactical Air Power in Southeast Asia

342-PS-130-AD-3/C   [Homecoming] Feb. 13, 18, 20, 1973

342-PS-130-AF-3/C   [Vietnam Homecoming]

342-PS-181-1/C          USAF Gunship Operations

342-PS-265-5/52        Homecoming

342-SFP-593               Electronic Countermeasures (Test Facility) 1958

342-SFP-1173             USAF Participation Operation Dominic

342-SFP-1953             Summer Interdiction Campaign (1968)

342-SPR-7-73             Paisley Print Task I, Wright Patterson AFB, OH

342-SPR-5-74             Laser Rangefinder Radar Countermeasure Techniques

342-SPR-21-70           Cosmonaut Training

342-TF-5168               Air Crew Recovery

342-TF-5363               Nuclear Effects During SAC Mission

342-TF-5354A            Low Level Mission Techniques-B-47

342-TF-5354B            Low Level Mission Techniques-B-52

342-TF-5374               Electronic Warfare

342-TF-5390B            Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) Inventory

342-TF-5390C            Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Penetration Techniques

342-TF-5390D            Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Mechanical Jamming

342-TF-5390E                        Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Spot Jamming

342-TF-5390F             Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Sweep Jamming

342-TF-5390G            Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Barrage Jamming

342-TF-5390J             Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Communications Jamming

342-TF-5390K            Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC):  The Battle Staff & Electronic Countermeasure (ECM)

342-TF-5390L                        Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): AJ Console

342-TF-5390M           Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Height Finder in an Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) Environment

342-TF-5390P            Electronic Warfare in Air Defense Command (ADC): Mechanical Jamming

342-TF-5746               BMEWS Mission-Men of the Top

342-TF-6768A            F-4 Terminex Guided Weapons System

342-TF-6768B            F-4 Terminex Guided Weapons System

342-TF-6853A            F-111 Weapon System

342-TF-6856               F-111 Weapon System

342-TF-6857               F-111 Weapon System

342-TS-1517               Wild Weasel Equipment – Computer & Missile Equipment (CAMP)

342-USAF-21572       ABCR Warfare Decontamination, Eglin Field, FLA, 9 MAR-11 May 53

342-USAF-21858       Soviet Bombers (May 1954)

342-USAF-21961       CCTF

342-USAF-22189       RB-66 Weapons System

342-USAF-23239       Early Warning Posts Near the Iron Curtain, Schonfeld Germany 5 FEB 56

342-USAF-23397       Project Bird Dog Edwards AFB, CA

342-USAF-23569       Keystone in Pacific “Okinawa Briefing”, 1955

342-USAF-24110       Weapon System 123A (GOOSE) 1956 Report

342-USAF-24356       Project Hiran Manila Air Station South Cay North Danger Island South China S.E.A.

342-USAF-24457       Anti-Jamming Techniques

342-USAF-24659A    F-102 News Report No. 2, May 1956

342-USAF-24871A    Soviet Industry

342-USAF-25206       Phase II Flight Tests of the Boeing XB-52, NOV 52 – MAR 53

342-USAF-25757       Monticello (All Weather Day & Night Radar Photo Mapping System)

342-USAF-26306       White Lance – GAM 83 (Navy Bullpup) Annual Guided Missile Review

342-USAF-26350       The B-70 Weapon Introductory System

342-USAF-26724       Application of High Energy Fuels to Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines

342-USAF-27691       Bio-Science, Studies in Advanced Vehicles, Discoverer, Mice

342-USAF-27712       Quail Newsreel (GAM-72) Prototype Tactical Missiles Fly (1958)

342-USAF-27915       Salvage, Nose Cone Recovery, 4 December 1958

342-USAF-28944       MG-13 Radar Countermeasures Part II, Operating Techniques, March 8, 1961

342-USAF-29761       JCS Visit Lowry

342-USAF-31344       Lightweight Turbojet

342-USAF-34359       Human Factors Test Experimental Stress Project

342-USAF-36721       C-123B Crash, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, 14-16 April 1963

342-USAF-36807       Discoverer History (1956 – 1961)

342-USAF-37223       F-111 Progress & Development 6 JUN 62 – 24 JUN 64

342-USAF-38216       The U.S. Crime of Bacteriological Warfare – The Evidence (Documentary)

342-USAF-38536       Air Rescue Udorn AB & Nakhon Phanom AB, Thailand, June 1965

342-USAF-38666       Target Selections & Air Strike Control RVN NOV 63 – JUN 64

342-USAF-40328       Rice Bowl Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN, 11 DEC 1965

342-USAF-41673A    Wild Weasel S.E.A. 22 SEPT. 1966

342-USAF-41853       Blind Bat S.E.A. OCT 66

342-USAF-42172       Tiger Hound 8/22/66

342-USAF-42172A    Tiger Hound 17 SEPT. 1966

342-USAF-42295       First B-52 Mission at U-Tapao 10-11 April 1967

342-USAF-42417D    S.E.A. Air Strikes

342-USAF-42488       Rapid Roger

342-USAF-42605       Combat and Support Activities S.E.A. (Air Defense in S.E.A.) 16 NOV. 1966

342-USAF-42675A    Air Strikes, RVN April and JUN 1967

342-USAF-43123B     Muscle Shoals, RVN, 1968

342-USAF-43123D    Muscle Shoals, RVN, March 1968

342-USAF-43123E     Muscle Shoals, FEB-MAR 68

342-USAF-43565       Muscle Shoals DOO: 1968

342-USAF-43565A    Muscle Shoals

342-USAF-43565B     Muscle Shoals, Nakhon Phanom RT AFB DEC 67-JAN 68

342-USAF-43565G    Muscle Shoals, 9 Dec 1967 – 3 May 1968

342-USAF-43607B     Gunship II, Nha Trang AB, RVN, December 1967

342-USAF-43747       Muscle Shoals, March 1968

342-USAF-43747A    Muscle Shoals, April 1968

342-USAF-43747B     Muscle Shoals S.E.A.

342-USAF-44142       Muscle Shoals, 16 May 1968

342-USAF-44142A    Muscle Shoals

342-USAF-44142B     Air Strikes, S.E.A.  April-June 1968

342-USAF-44582       POW Life in NVN

342-USAF-44826       Gunship II 9954-Gun Boat 5 June 67

342-USAF-45085       Photo Mapping in S.E.A.

342-USAF-45591       Commando Nail, RVN OCT 1967

342-USAF-46188       Nimrods (Nakhon Phanom, RTAFB, Thailand, July 29 – Aug. 12, 1969)

342-USAF-46215       A-16 Today, Southeast Asia, 1, 3, 9 NOV 69

342-USAF-46216       A-1 Air Documentation and VNAF AC 47’s S.E.A.

342-USAF-46510B     Pave Pronto, Ubon RTAFB, Thailand

342-USAF-46623B     Pave Pronto – 28 December 1970

342-USAF-46623C     Pave Pronto – 28, 29 December 1970

342-USAF-46623D    Pave Pronto – 30 December 1970

342-USAF-46623E     Pave Pronto – 31 December 1970

342-USAF-47458       Operation Niagara Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam 23 MAR 69

342-USAF-47741       Minuteman 1B Launch and Blow-Up Vandenberg AFB, CA 16 SEPT. 1966

342-USAF-48372A    Laser Guided Evaluation Armament Developing & Testing Center -Eglin AFB, FLA. 10 JAN – May 1970

342-USAF-49004       F-4 Crash Site

342-USAF-51212       Anti-Satellite System, 20 SEPT 1967

342-USAF-60316       B-52 Hound Dog Launches, Eglin AFB, FLA; 7 FEB 1973 – 16 JUL 1973

342-USAF-60402       Laser Effects Kirtland AFB, NM; 15 AUG 1972

342-USAF-60402A    Laser Effects Kirtland AFB, NM; 15 AUG 1972

342-USAF-60403       Laser Gun Kirtland AFB, NM; 19 SEPT. 1972

342-USAF-60406       Laser Briefing Film Kirtland AFB, NM March 1973

342-VBP-8                  Spike FAC – Ubon RTAFB, Thailand; 3 May 1971

342-VBP-9                  Wolf FAC, Ubon RTAFB, Thailand; 1 April 1971

342-VBP-33                Pave Pronto 2 February 1972

342-VBP-82                Pave Pronto – Best of the Week (AC 130 Gunship Night Ops); 16-22 March 1972

342-VBP-113              Pave Aegis, Ubon RTAFB, Thailand; 12 March 1972

342-VBP-219              AAD-5 Introduction and Employment, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand; May – June 1973

342-VCR-6011           Commando Vault, Cam Ranh Bay AB, RVN, 1971

342-VR-FS01-508      Mayaguez Control, Sub Title; Operation Rescue-Mayaguez

342-VR-FS01-509      The Recovery of the SS Mayaguez

342-VR-FS01-511      SS Mayaguez Recovery (Armed Surveillance, Spectre 11, 21, 31) 13-15 May 1975



Sound Recordings:


Local Identifier           Title

319.1   319.53           Army Civil Disturbance Planning Conference, 1968

319.3                           Exit Interview with BG Glenn J. Collins, MC 0022687, SURG, 44TH MED BRIG

319.5                           Exit Interview with Col. James W. Thompson, MC, 072651, CO, 43RD MED GRP, 44TH MED BDE, (NHA TRANG) 31 JUL 68

319.13                         Command Readiness Presentation to Chief of Staff

319.15                         Speech by BG Blakefield: “The US Army Intelligence Command”

319.50                         Command Briefing: LTC Gillette 21 JUL 67

319.52                         Farewell Address of MG McChristian (ACSI-DA), Ft. Holabird, MD 30 APR 71

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