Declassified Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings – 2nd Quarter

In an effort to provide information on recently declassified motion pictures and sound recordings the Motion Picture, Sound and Video Branch will publish a quarterly list of newly declassified records.

As of March 31, 2013 the following records have been declassified.

Motion Pictures:


Local Identifier           Title

111-DTCF-67-7/8       Film Report 67-7 and 67-8


Sound Recordings:

Local Identifier           Title

No sound recordings were declassified during this quarter.


Descriptive information for declassified records can be accessed by searching for the item number, ex. “111-DTCF-67-7/8”, in the National Archives Catalog. You may also search on the Declassification Project Number (NND), if you know one. For example, searching on the declassification number for Film Report 67-7 and 67-8, “NND 64803”, currently returns eight entries that are part of Declassification Project 64803. A list of declassified textual records can be found on the National Declassification Center’s web page.

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