Images of the Week: Select Lists

This week I’ve decided to highlight some of the images selected by staff, mostly in the 1970s and as late as the 1990s, to be part of hard copy leaflets on popular subjects.  For a number of years, these select audiovisual lists could be ordered as complete slide sets by researchers.  In the 1990s, the images were digitized and are available online through the Still Picture Branch home page and the National Archives Catalog.

Revolutionary War Select List #22 / War and Conflict# 30 / Local Identifier: 148-GW-662, “The Declaration of Independence. 1776. Painting by John Trumbull”

Navy Ships Select List #8, Local Identifier: 19-NN-9982, “Constitution. Sail Plan”

Indians Select List #101 / Local Identifier: 111-SC-83726, “Geronimo (Goyathlay), a Chiricahua Apache; full-length, kneeling with rifle”, Photograph by Ben Wittick, 1887

Civil War Select List #120 / Local Identifier: 111-BA-1480, “The U.S. Capitol under construction, 1860”

American West Select List #47 / Local Identifier: 111-SC-83991, “Hunting and camping party of Custer (standing in center) and invited guests. Fort A. Lincoln on the Little Heart River, Dak. Terr., 1875”

American City Select List #32 / Local Identifier: 22-CE-178,Oyster fleet in Baltimore Harbor, Md., ca. 1885. Ships’ masts dominate the foreground; buildings, horse-drawn wagons, and carts visible through them”

World War II Select List #125. / Local Identifier:. 80-G-30550, “Captured Japanese photograph taken during the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. In the distance, the smoke rises from Hickam Field”

African Americans in World War II Select List #49 / Local Identifier: 208-N-32987, “American pilots of a P-51 Mustang fighter group, whose planes are named after wild horses that once roamed the U.S., listen intently as they are briefed for a mission at a base in Italy. Like cavalrymen of old, they ride down the enemy in their flying steeds and have destroyed German installations and personnel throughout Europe. They are members of the 15th U.S. Army Air Force, whose fighters and bombers are part of the Mediterranean Allied Air Force, which also includes British, French, and Polish fliers.” Ca. September 1944

Contemporary African Art from the Harmon Foundation Select List# 23 / Local Identifier: H-HN-AA-1M-3, “ An Akan Mother and Child,* watercolor (1947), Kofi Antubam (Ghana)