Images of the Week: Construction of Federal Buildings

Photographs featured this week come from the series “Construction of Federal Buildings, 1885-1954” (121-BCP).

Local Identifier: 121-BCP-137C-6, “Photograph of the Foundation of the Department of Justice Building”, July 9, 1932

Local Identifier: 121-BCP-133C-9, “Photograph of the U.S. General Services Administration Building Being Constructed”, November 23, 1915 (Originally housed the Department of the Interior from 1917 until 1937)

Local Identifier: 121-BCP-111B-35, “Photograph of the National Archives Building Being Constructed”, August 1, 1933

Local Identifier: 121-BCP-120A-15, “Photograph of the Department of Commerce Building Being Constructed from the Washington Monument”, December 31, 1928wwww

Local Identifier: 121-BCP-107C-11D, “Photograph of the Department of Agriculture Administration Building Being Constructed”, February 1, 1929

Local Identifier: 121-BCP-136C-1, “Photograph of the Internal Revenue Service Building Being Constructed”, June 13, 1928