Father’s Day Gift Suggestions from the Patent Files

Need a last-minute gift idea for Dear Old Dad?

Whatever Dad’s hobby or interest, patent files are full of quirky gems. The largest selection is in the series Utility Patent Drawings, 1837 – 1911 NAID 305888 among the Records of the Patent and Trademark Office, Record Group 241, but there are patent drawings in other series, including court records. Search our catalog to find a personal favorite, or choose from the selection here. You can download the images from the catalog.

For the sporty dad:

For the dad who likes to entertain:


For the adventurer:

For the traditionalist:

Does Dad need a chair that cools him while he rocks? Here are two options:



About Ellen Mulligan

Ellen is a supervisory archivist in the Motion Pictures, Video and Sound Recordings Branch. She was previously an archivist in the Cartographic and Architectural Branch.
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4 Responses to Father’s Day Gift Suggestions from the Patent Files

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  2. George C. Ruben says:

    AAAAAH! the latest inovations delivered to my in box! Happy retro-Fathers day! Happy Father’s day Jim,


  3. I love this idea! And if I just use one per year, it will keep me in gift ideas for a long time! 🙂


  4. Awesome gift ideas for christmas! now i have my list of ideas for my dad.. thanks for this!


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