Mapping the Battle of Shiloh

As you may know, the Cartographic Branch holds many maps relating to Civil War battles and sites. However, what you may not know is that many of these maps are available to view anytime and anywhere through the National Archives Online Catalog.

Today we’re featuring maps showing the Shiloh Battlefield. All of the maps featured have been digitized and are available to view and download from the National Archives Catalog. The Battle of Shiloh was fought April 6-7, 1862 in southern Tennessee. Ultimately a Confederate defeat, the battle is significant for a couple of reasons. First, it helped to build up Ulysses S. Grant’s reputation as a Union commander. Second, this early war battle shocked the nation with its unprecedented casualties. Nearly 24,000 soldiers, both Union and Confederate, were killed, wounded, captured or missing as a result of the battle, with about 3,500 men killed outright. This was more dead in a single battle than in all previous American conflicts (the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Mexican-American War) combined.

Maps of the Shiloh Battlefield, along with maps related to other Civil War battles, can be found within a variety of record groups and series, including: RG 109 – Confederate Maps, RG 77 – War Department Map Collection (WDMC), RG 77 Civil Works Map File, and many others.

Sketch of the Battle of Shiloh for Genl. Beauregard. RG 109, Confederate Maps, TN-13 (NAID: 70653114).
Map of the Battlefield of Shiloh. RG 109, Confederate Maps, TN-11 (NAID: 70653109). 
Map of Shiloh Battlefield Positions on April 6, 1862. RG 77, War Department Map Collection, 018-1-Tennessee (NAID: 137930187).
Map of the Battlefield at Shiloh. RG 77, Civil Works Map File, US 393-16 (NAID: 122206862).
Map of the Battlefield of Shiloh. RG 77, War Department Map Collection, 015 – Tennessee (NAID: 148719194).

The maps featured above are just a few of the many maps showing the battlefield at Shiloh that are available through our online catalog. Newly digitized items are also frequently added to the catalog, so check back often for additional maps of your favorite battlefield!

More information about Civil War Maps at the National Archives can be found within the Guide to Civil War Maps in the National Archives.

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