Images of the Week: Vote, Voting, Voted!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 marks the 59th quadrennial presidential election. In honor of the upcoming election, the Unwritten Record has selected photographs and posters that document the voting process in the United States and abroad. All photographs included within this post are available in the National Archives Catalog.

Original Caption: “Bus provided by Rev. John Porter’s Sixth Avenue Baptist Church gets voters of black community to the polls on primary election day.” Local ID: 412-DA-2883 (NAID 545370). Photographer: LeRoy Woodson. Date: May 1972.


Original Caption: “Members of the United States Air Force with their ballots in hand, are ready to exercise their freedom to vote under field conditions. Published in Airman Magazine October 1996.” Local ID: 330-CFD-DF-ST-98-02709 (NAID 6499293). Photographer: John K. McDowell


Original Caption: “Tule Lake Relocation Center, Newell, California. Absentee voters of Japanese descent getting ballots and having them notarized.” Local ID: 210-G-A627 (NAID 536513). Photographer: Francis Leroy Stewart. Date: November 2, 1942.


Original Caption: “Baltic, South Dakota, typical of many rural communities all over the United States, goes to the polls during the November, 1948 presidential election. In this little Norwegian farm community, Mrs. T.H. Fresdahl, age 82, casts her vote. Mrs. Fresdahl was the first baby to be born in Fort Dakota, a pioneer outpost fort at which her father was a soldier. This was when the Dakotas were Indian country. Ft. Dakota was located approximately where Sioux Falls, S.D. now stands. Mrs. Fresdahl is proud of her pioneer heritage and proud that she has never missed voting in a presidential election since woman suffrage became effective, in 1920.” Local ID: 306-PS-48-3477 (NAID 7583488). Source: State Department. Photographer: Ramsey. Date: ca. November 1948.


Poster from Record Group 306: United States Information Agency. Local ID: 306-PPA-142 (NAID 5730043).


Caption: Eleanor Roosevelt votes in Hyde Park, New York. Photograph from the FDR Library (NAID 196125).


Original Caption: “Voters at the Blagaj polling location cast their ballots on the day of the Mostar general elections.” Local ID: 330-CFD-DA-SD-96-01029 (NAID 6492173). Photographer: SPC Moses Mlasko. Date: June 30, 1996


Original Caption: “Vote registration drive was one aspect of Black Expo, an annual exhibit of Black talent, education, products and other aspects of Black Consciousness held in Chicago. The aim is to make Blacks aware of their heritage and capabilities, and help them towards a better life.” Local ID: 412-DA-13806 (NAID 556258). Photographer: John H. White. Date: October 1973


Poster “They All Vote for President of US.” From Record Group 306: United States Information Agency. Local ID: 306-PPA-192 (NAID 5730091).


Original Caption: “On Dec. 15, 2005, an Iraqi Family proudly poses with ink stained fingers after casting their vote. The voting was done as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Local ID: 330-CFD-DA-SD-07-31666 (NAID 6678824). Photographer: Spc. Lester Colley


Caption: Photograph of Federal Register Staff Examining Voting Records. Mrs. Willis and Mrs. Clark examining original records of voting. Local ID: 69-PR-79-1 (NAID 74228823).


Original Caption: “Published in NATO pamphlet ‘Atlantic Alliance.’ An old woman casts her vote, thereby exercising one of the rights assured to the free peoples of the West. (Presumably France).” Date: May 21, 1954. Local ID: 286-MP-FRA-07153 (NAID 19989015).


Caption: Photograph of President Gerald Ford Voting in the 1976 General Election in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From the Gerald Ford Presidential Library. Local ID: B2129-16 (NAID 6923684). Date: November 2, 1976.


Original Caption: “In front of one of polling places during Germany’s first election. Many women were on hand to vote. Montabaur, Germany.” Local ID: 111-SC-51246 (NAID 86707685). Photographer: Sgt. J.A. Marshall, Signal Corps. Date: January 19, 1919.


Poster from Record Group 306: United States Information Agency. Local ID: 306-PPA-262 (NAID 5730163).


The following links contain information about records held by the National Archives that document the history of voting in the United States:

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Testing the 15th Amendment: Milton Claiborne Nicholas and the Legacy of the First Black Voters


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