Lantern Slides of Lighthouses

Lighthouses have served as aids to navigation along coasts and shores throughout the United States’ history and many continue to do so today. Recently added to the Catalog, series 26-LGL: Photographs of Lighthouses includes photographs of many of these landmarks from the early 20th century. 

Consisting of black and white glass lantern slides and a small number of hand-colored slides, this series includes lighthouses of all sizes and shapes (including conical, cylindrical, octagonal, triangular). If all the slides were in color, we could see some variety there as well (from the images below, lighthouses at both Sapelo Island, Georgia and West Quoddy Head, Maine feature red and white stripes). These slides were likely maintained by the Bureau of Lighthouses, also known as the United States Lighthouse Service, before it merged into the United States Coast Guard in 1939. 

Enjoy this sample of images from the series 26-LGL: Photographs of Lighthouses. To view all images within the series visit the online catalog

Elbow of Cross Ledge Light, New Jersey. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-64 and NAID 135820582
Guanica Light, Puerto Rico. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-75 and NAID 135820604
Fire Island, New York. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-70 and NAID 135820594
Baker Shoal Range Lighthouse, Delaware. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-45 and NAID 135820544
Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-17 and NAID 135820488
The Graves Light Station, Massachusetts. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-12 and NAID 135820478
West Quoddy Head Light Station, Maine. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-10 and NAID 135820474
San Pedro BKW, California. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-2 and NAID 135820458
Sapelo Island, Georgia. Local Photo ID: 26-LGL-8 and NAID 135820470

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