Bird is the Word

Generally, when thinking of Bird(s), you may have in mind those belonging to the animal kingdom, but at the National Archives, our Catalog will surprise you at every turn.  A search for the term “Bird” (filtered for Still Picture Branch results, only) comes back with 6,091 Items, 155 File Units, and 53 Series, all with some mention of “Bird(s).”

Interested in the SR-71 “Black Bird” ?

Photograph of an SR-71 Black Bird
A SR-71 Black Bird, reconnaissance aircraft marshals into position after arriving for the ceremonies retiring the aircraft to the March Field Museum. Exact Date Shot Unknown. National Archives Identifier: 6506065; Local Identifier: 330-CFD-DF-ST-99-04966.jpeg

or the Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher “Sea Bird” ?

Photograph of a Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher “Sea Bird"
Sea-Bird, between hunts. National Archives Identifier: 205576215; Local Identifier: 26-G-969

These man-made birds probably ‘chirped’ a little louder than the morning doves outside your window.

How about “Lady Bird” Johnson, from the 1968 White House Fashion Show?

Photograph of Lady Bird Johnson, and others, at the 1968 “Discover America” White House Fashion Show
Photograph of Lady Bird Johnson, and others, at the 1968 “Discover America” White House Fashion Show. National Archives Identifier: 218517811; Local Identifier: 306-SSA-68-8218-CC1-5

(Here’s a great blog written by my colleague on the Fashion Show:

Would you prefer to see some Bird’s-Eye views of historic U.S. locales, like Michigan’s Mackinac Island? 

Photograph of a Bird's eye view of shore line of Macinac Island.
Bird’s eye view of shore line down around island. July 1914. M.O. Eldridge. National Archives Identifier: 169153940; Local Identifier: 30-N-11146

Can you speak bird-ese?  This U.S. Fish and Wildlife Biologist surely gave it a shot.

Photograph of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Biologist "Interviewing" a Bird
The lonely job of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Biologist, often spending more time with birds than with people. National Archives Identifier: 166702418; Local Identifier: 022-DP-06342.jpg 

And perhaps you just want to see some really cool images of birds:

Photograph of a Bird
National Archives Identifier: 7871470; Local Identifier: 412-EPD-EPA390064.jpg
Photograph of a Bird in front of Unexploded Ordnance
Photograph of a Bird in front of Unexploded Ordnance. National Archives Identifier: 204976963; Local Identifier: 342-FH-3A40515-60074AC 
Photograph of Male and Female Quail at the San Joaquin Experimental Range, in California
RG# 95-GP Records of the Forest Service National Archives Identifier: 7027427; Local Identifier: 95-GP-2985-378112
Photograph of a "Hero" Pigeon Being Held
HERO PIGEONS AND OTHERS FROM OVER-SEAS. National Archives Identifier: 86701225; Local Identifier: 111-SC-47555

Whatever your bird-ing interest, NARA’s Catalog will keep you coming back for more like a full bird-feeder.