These Dogs Deserve a Round Of A-Paws!

This week is International Assistance Dog Week (August 6-12) which was established to raise awareness and honor the incredible work that assistance dogs do to help individuals with disability related limitations. It was also created to recognize the trainers, puppy raisers, and handlers that have devoted their time and expertise to these dogs to ensure … Continue reading These Dogs Deserve a Round Of A-Paws!

Soldiers examining a hole, near a Liberty Ship, created by a Japanese bomb

Hole World

With my last blog, I may have inadvertently started a quest to bring Unwritten Record readers the most random finds from the Still Picture holdings.  Today, I present to you, Holes.  When I began brainstorming for this blog post, it was the first word that popped into my head (most likely due to me hitting … Continue reading Hole World

Photograph of a Bird in front of Unexploded Ordnance

Bird is the Word

Generally, when thinking of Bird(s), you may have in mind those belonging to the animal kingdom, but at the National Archives, our Catalog will surprise you at every turn.  A search for the term “Bird” (filtered for Still Picture Branch results, only) comes back with 6,091 Items, 155 File Units, and 53 Series, all with … Continue reading Bird is the Word

Fat Bear Week 1978

79-HFC-383x1 Every fall, the brown bears of Katmai National Park embark upon one of the greatest food binges in the natural world. Entering a state of hyperphagia (hypereating), they pack on up to four pounds a day as they prepare to hibernate over the winter. Some bears weigh over 1000 pounds by the end of … Continue reading Fat Bear Week 1978

Into the Wild

In the Still Picture Branch, we aim to cultivate a habitat that promotes access to the unique images in our custody.  Today, I’m highlighting series 22-DP: Photographs from the National Digital Library, ca. 1998 – 2011, a collection of born-digital images and digital reproductions of analog photographs, brought to us by the U.S. Fish and … Continue reading Into the Wild

Hold Your Horses

In what seems to be turning into a recurring theme, I’m back again to tame some of our wildest records here in the Still Picture Branch…this time, famed warhorse, Sergeant Reckless! As the de facto animal expert here in Stills, I’ve developed quite the nose for sniffing out hidden gems depicting our furry friends.  Recently, … Continue reading Hold Your Horses

Spotlight: Elephants in the Archive, Eek!

While National Elephant Appreciation Day may not be officially recognized as a Federal Holiday, its upcoming celebration (September 22nd) provided an excuse for an expedition through our holdings in the Still Picture Branch. The search for elephants, as it is for all animals here in Still Picture, starts with an established finding aid specifically catered … Continue reading Spotlight: Elephants in the Archive, Eek!