New Addition to the Catalog: Photographs from the John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field (255-GRC)

We’re pleased to announce that 256,444 photographs from NASA’s Glenn Research Center have recently been added to the National Archives Catalog. The photos document facilities, personnel, and aeronautic and space technology development at the Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland, Ohio and at Plum Brook Station1 in Sandusky, Ohio. Also included are publicity photos, as well as images documenting various types of accidents. The photographs in this series were taken between 1943 and 2004; as such, many of the photos are credited to NASA in addition to its predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).

The images in the catalog were scanned by NASA from original prints and negatives. The analog originals and the digital surrogates were transferred to the National Archives Still Picture Branch in 2014 and 2019. In total there are 291,444 individual photographs available in the NARA catalog within 255-GRC: Photographs Relating to Agency Activities, Facilities and Personnel, and there are approximately 13,000 more scans that will be added soon.

There are three ways to search the images in 255-GRC.

  1. Keyword searches
  2. If you want to browse through the photos
  3. Using our item-level Excel spreadsheet, you can keyword search and review all 256,444 item descriptions that were added to the catalog in 2024. This spreadsheet does not include the 34,956 items that were added to the catalog prior to 2024.

There are no known copyright restrictions for the images in 255-GRC. Researchers may email with any questions.

Artist Renderings of Temporary and Semi-Permanent Mars Base

Apollo 17 Astronauts During Visit to NASA Lewis Research Center – Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans, Harrison Schmitt (February 16, 1973)

John Glenn Visits to Lewis Research Center, Including Renaming Events from NASA Lewis Research Center to John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field

Machine Shop

Stephanie Black with Insecticide Sign

  1. Plum Brook Station was renamed in 2020 as the Neil Armstrong Test Facility ↩︎

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