Happy Mother’s Day from the National Archives!

To the women who play with us:

Teach us:

Keep us well and well-fed:

Who work:


And to mamas of pets:

Happy Mother’s Day

10 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day from the National Archives!

  1. Could you tell me how to find out more about one of the pictures above? I have tried putting the acquisition number in the NARA home page search box, but it just directs me back here. And I can’t find anything else that helps me know where to go from here. Thank you.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed our post! The images in this blog post include transcripts of the original captions. These captions include the available information about the specific images, but you are welcome to come in to our research room here in College Park, MD to investigate the images further.

      You may also use our catalog to look up the series’ in which the images are held. The images were pulled from the series 16-G, 86-WWT, 86-G (all of which are described in the catalog) and 513-AS and 513-AL (which are being described and will be available in the catalog later this year). Simply enter the Record Group Number and Series Designator into the catalog search bar surrounded by quotations (example: “16-G”). The Record Group Number and Series Designator comprise the beginning of each item number as included with the images in the blog post (example: 16-G-168-1-BX-168).

      If you would like to submit a reference request please send an email to stillpix@nara.gov. Don’t forget to include your contact information including a mailing address along with your specific inquiry. You may also submit a reproduction request using the information found here.

      1. Thank you, I have looked at series 86-G in the catalog, and found some other very interesting images! But I cannot find some of the images above. When I put their exact number into the search box, it says “no results returned.” And I have also looked at each image that is available in that series. So should I assume that they are just not available online yet?
        I would love to come to the research room some time but it will have to be in the future.

        1. I am glad you enjoyed the images we have online and I do hope you can make it out to our research room sometime in the future! You are correct that the images from this blog post are not online yet, and for this I sincerely apologize. They are currently pending upload and should go online very shortly (except for the RG 513 images which will become available in the catalog later this year).

          1. Okay, thank you so much for letting me know. I will check back in the catalog from time to time. At least I have found a lot of other fabulous stuff while I have been looking for those images!

          2. I believe the catalog has now been updated with the images from our Mother’s Day blog!

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