Spotlight: Hero Dogs

They are our sidekicks, our friends, our trusted companions. Protecting us from harm when alerting us to that ferocious looking Girl Scout coming up the front walk. Protecting us from true harm while on sentry duty, alert for movements of enemy forces in the night. Dogs are our guardians and our goofballs, and they loyally serve along side our service men and women every day. Sometimes saving their lives, sometimes just lifting their spirits. So in honor of National Dog Day on August 26th, 2018, we here at The Unwritten Record would like share some of the K-9 heroes that have captured our hearts.

26-G-27-1-1 (Box 27)
26-G-27-1-2 (Box 27)








The photographs in this blog post are found in RG-26-G, Activities, Facilities, and Personalities, 1886 – 1967. RG-26-G is the subject of an ongoing digitization project in Still Picture Branch. Some digitized images are already available on the National Archives Catalog, and many more are set to follow in the months to come. All digitized images from RG-26-G are currently available in our Research Room in College Park, MD. We invite everyone to come see us and check out many more amazing images of service men and their animal companions!