Now Available Online: RG 77, Civil Works Map Files, US File Unit!

We are very excited to announce that all of the maps in the US File Unit RG 77: Civil Works Map File have now been digitized and are available online for viewing and download!  These images can be found by searching the National Archives Catalog, NAID #7491452.

The records in this series comprised the main map collection for the Corps of Engineers during the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. They include manuscript maps forwarded to headquarters by Corps of Topographic Engineers and Army Engineer surveyors and cartographers in the field, and published editions of selected maps. The maps pertain to numerous subjects, including surveys of the Mississippi River, Great Lakes, and other bodies of water; construction or improvement of harbors, canals, roads, railroads and other internal improvements; exploration of the West and surveying of western terrain; location of posts and fortifications, Indian tribes, and settlements in western territories; military roads and routes between Army posts; campaigns and battlefields of the Revolutionary War, the Seminole War in Florida, Indian Wars in the West, the Mexican War, and the Civil War (including both Union Army maps and Confederate Army maps acquired by Union forces); surveys of boundaries between States and Territories; and numerous foreign areas. Architectural and engineering drawings in this series relate to canals, bridges, dams, piers, and jetties as built along the coasts and inland waterways. Also included are plans of dredge boats used in improving rivers and harbors.

During the process of these digitizing these map, I came across items that intricate, beautiful, and in some cases, a bit strange!  Below is one of the images from the US numbers, just a small peek at the amazing things to be found inside this set of records.  Enjoy!

A Map of the Inhabited Part of Virginia Containing the Whole Province of Maryland with Part of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina. 1771. RG 77, CWMF, US-2. NAID: 78117656.



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    1. Hi there! It is easier if you have a specific battle or campaign in mind. Then, simply go tot eh catalog at and enter your search term, say for instance “Gettysburg map”. You can narrow down your search, which I recommend by going to the “Advanced Search” button and narrowing it down to Location of Archival Materials “National Archives at College Park – Cartographic” (about 3/4 of the way down the advanced search page with a drop down window) and hit “Search”. I will also say that while online is a great resource, nothing beats seeing the maps in person, so come visit if you can!

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  2. Also have a great passion for maps. It’s phenomenal how much we’ve managed to digitize and store with technology. Very interesting article. Thank you!

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