Images of the Week: New Digital Images

The photographs featured this week come from digital photographic series (born-digital and scans) that are now available or will be available in our online catalog. They are series 434-LB,  406-NSB and 311-MAD. The photos used for 311-MAD are accretions to an already existing digital series and these additions will appear in the online catalog soon.

Local Identifier: 434-LB-2-XBD9706-02410tif.jpg, “Ansel Adams photographing Director Edwin McMillan for the forth-coming book, “Fiat Lux,” a collection of pictures and text that will be published by the University of California in celebration of its Centennial in 1968. Photo taken November 18, 1966. Morgue 1966-136 (P-7) [Photographer: Donald Cooksey], 11/18/1966″


Local Identifier: 406-NSB-003-Perdido_Bay_671.jpg, “Wild bottlenose dolphins are a frequent but always thrilling sight on a sunset cruise from an Orange Beach marina”; Alabama’s Coastal Connection; Orange Beach, Alabama; Photograph by Joanne McDonough


Local Identifier: 406-NSB-075-nighttimevegas.jpg,  “A variety of colors light up the city in this exemplary picture of Las Vegas at night”; Las Vegas Strip; Nevada


Local Identifier: 311-MAD-44984.jpg, “Ames, Iowa, August 11, 2010 — A lone remaining car sits in a parking area outside Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa. The stadium itself was spared any water damage. Central Iowa has been inundated with back-to-back-to-back storms resulting in record flooding in Ames.  Jace Anderson/FEMA”


Local Identifier: 311-MAD-47788.jpg, “Joplin, Mo. , May 26, 2011 — U. S. Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute (left) tours tornado damage with Kathy Sullivan, Assistant Secretary of the Department of commerce/National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, in a neighborhood near St. John’s Regional Medical Center. Jace Anderson/FEMA”


Local Identifier: 311-MAD-51068.jpg, “Windham, N. Y. , September 1, 2011 — A shop on Main Street in Windham proclaims their victory over the destruction from Hurricane Irene.  The town suffered damage to homes and businesses and was included in the disaster declaration by President Obama on 9/3/11.  FEMA Photo/Judith Grafe”