Subject Finding Aid Project (Update 2)

I’m back again with another update regarding the progress of the Subject Finding Aid Project in the Still Picture Branch. Harnessing the momentum gained with Batches 2 and 3, I’m happy to announce that roughly 3500 descriptions for Batches 4 and 5 are LIVE in the NARA Catalog! The Finding Aids in these batches cover a variety of different topics, so be sure to check out the list below for anything that may be of interest. Looking toward the future, Batches 6 and 7 are on the horizon, though a timetable is unavailable at the moment. I do know they will feature a significant amount of our Finding Aids covering both the European and Asian Theaters of World War 2.

List of Finding Aid Tags from Batches 4 and 5:

Batch 4:

Automobiles A-K – StillPixFindingAid

Aviation – StillPixFindingAid

Awards-Nobel and Pulitzer – StillPixFindingAid

Black History – StillPixFindingAid

Buffalo Soldiers – StillPixFindingAid

Chemical Warfare-Miscellaneous – StillPixFindingAid

Chemical Warfare-Vietnam- StillPixFindingAid

Chemical Warfare-WW1 – StillPixFindingAid

Coast Guard Vessels – StillPixFindingAid

Concentration Camps – StillPixFindingAid

Cowboys – StillPixFindingAid

Cuban Missile Crisis- StillPixFindingAid

Batch 5:

D-Day – StillPixFindingAid

Denmark and Norway – StillPixFindingAid

DiMaggio Brothers – StillPixFindingAid

Drugs – StillPixFindingAid

Energy – StillPixFindingAid

Engineering – StillPixFindingAid

Foreign Wars and Incidents – StillPixFindingAid

France Occupation – StillPixFindingAid

German Equipment – StillPixFindingAid

Inventors – StillPixFindingAid

National Parks – StillPixFindingAid

Olympic Games – StillPixFindingAid

Presidents and Baseball – StillPixFindingAid

Sports – StillPixFindingAid

Transportation – StillPixFindingAid

Weapons – StillPixFindingAid

Women – StillPixFindingAid