Spotlight: Last Minute Holiday Gifts!

Co-Authored by Beth Fortson and Corbin Apkin.

You wake up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and realize that you have forgotten to get a gift for your sister’s brand new “He’s Totally The One” boyfriend.

You get a text from your old college roommate two days before your New Years Party – she can’t wait to see you and give you the belated, hand-made Hanukkah present!!!

You get to work and everyone is in ugly sweaters but you, because everyone but you remembered the Holiday Party. (Whose name did you pull for Secret Santa again…?)

Stay calm. Do not panic. Special Media has your back. We have pulled some ideal last-minute holiday gifts just for you: The Forgetful, The Procrastinators, The Planning Impaired. You may decide to download, print, and stick it in a frame you picked up at the pharmacy down the block from your office. You may decide to nab some glue and a couple of kitchen tiles to finagle a last minute hand crafted coaster set. You may decide to re-purpose that weird photo snow globe that your great aunt gave you – the one with a picture of her poor poodle dressed as an elf. Seriously. You now have so many options. You’re welcome.

Might we suggest some Christmas classics, such as a bike!

Or perhaps a pony?

Maybe a puppy!

16-G-61-N-6716: “‘Buddy’ Francis waits at the dog hospital for his turn to have his dog vaccinated against rabies. Osborne. May, 1945.”

Calendars are also pretty nice.

There are the practically minded to consider – perhaps new shoes, an outfit, or socks?

Are you are shopping for a sports nut?

Or music lover?

44-PA-1377: “Music Inspires”

Maybe you want something a bit more classy, such as candies or jewelry or books.

Maybe…. not.

241-PATENTRES-912X: Still Design Patent

No matter who you are shopping for – no matter how prepared you are – the National Archives Catalog can be your one stop shop for research and gift inspiration. Stay tuned, because later this week Motion Pictures will bring you a video play list specifically selected to distract everyone from asking all those old family classics like, “So what do you plan to do with your life, anyway?”

From all of us in Special Media here at The National Archives and Records Administration, Happy Holidays.

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  1. I’m still waiting for the time machine — aka “method of gravity distortion and time displacement” — to hit store shelves (Patent #US 20060073976 A1)!

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