Snapshot USA: 1950 Census Enumeration District Maps

The 1950 Census population schedules will be released in April 2022. In preparation, we are adding over 8000 Enumeration District Maps to the online catalog, including all county maps and any map that includes five or more enumeration districts. Click the NAID links to download full size maps from the online catalog Enumeration Districts-- or "E.D.s" as they are known … Continue reading Snapshot USA: 1950 Census Enumeration District Maps

Mapping Appomattox

Yesterday, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the event, Mark Meader told us how the Civil War came to an end at Appomattox Court House. Today, we have a series of maps that show the movements of troops in the area. This post was written by Ellen Mulligan. Ellen is an Archivist in the … Continue reading Mapping Appomattox